7 Old and Unique Ways to Promote Your Book

Marketing is an old tool to use when you want to promote your product. Well, these days it is about branding yourself and using old and new, unique ways to get your book out there. These are methods I have tried and will try but just thought you might like them too.

1.Do research on your target audience. Who are you trying to reach and why? Are you trying to promote your book to teens? Young adults? Senior Citizens? Abused women and men? Who?

2.Do you have a website? If not, this is the key to people knowing more about you and your books. The easiest way to get a website is through Weebly.com, or register your own domain at GoDaddy.com and find a webhosting site like Weebly, or Blue Host, or just Google more options. The bottom line is a website with a blog incorporated is what readers are searching for.

3.Have you thought about doing a book trailer? Book trailers are almost becoming a must for a writer. Having no book trailer is like not having a preview for a movie being shown at the theaters or commercials. How else will people know about your book and why they should buy it? Readers love little nuggets thrown at them to convince them  a book is worth their dime and time. Speak with more than just words.

4.Utilize offline marketing resources. This will never go away. As a self publisher you have to find a way to make your postcards, posters, bookmarks, business cards and all of the above. Why not go to Vistaprint.com to get all of those done for cheap?

5.Have you tried emailing? If you have a growing email list and some fans, at the bottom of your emails, try to include your signature block with key words like: your name, occupation, website, email and some tidbit about your book including link(s) and maybe an image. This way, when you send a message, you send more than a message- you are marketing.

6.Give them something to talk about. Google bloggers who don’t mind reviewing your book and sharing it with their followers. The caveat is that some bloggers may want the book free or have other requirements such as time enough to read your book. This is still a great way to promote your book.

7.Ask yourself: “What would make me read a book?” What pulled you into buying someone’s book? Their name? The cover? Their excellent promotion skills? Website? Trailers? What is it that lured you ? Now you know what it would take to bring readers in to your fold.

I hope these help you out some. There are probably plenty more ways to market yourself. If so, let me know!



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