Authors rarely give reasons why you should read their words

Usually, authors promote their books and rarely give reasons why people should spend their dollars on it. When we think of buying books, we think it is for entertainment short lived, an ephemeral escape- did we learn from that adventure?

Usually, the answer is: “Does it matter?”

I say it does matter, because you purchased it.

Now, why am I going on about this?

I am going on because on occasion, I would read a novel with a poem in the introduction that kind of breaks down what the story will be about. It’s kind of cool. Anyway, poems are short verses that can be used as psalms, quotes, or even proverbs to live by that you can’t get anywhere else.

Here are ten reasons to read my book, ‘The Prayer Monologues’ (noticed I said read not buy, because for the month of August it is free to read online and is discounted in printed version).You should read my poetry because:

1. It took much effort and time and so I need a reward…(just joking, really!)

2. These poems actually reflect what I’ve been through and/or observed, so you’re taking a peek into my life.

3. Its not about me. Although personal, the poems could be used to entertain you.

4. Reading the author’s note may be beneficial…

5. They are words to share by candlelight or in front of the fireplace. If you don’t have that luxury, it lights the match in your heart.

6.It is a very short book, about 70+ pages…it isn’t intimidating.

7. Did I say it was free? You can also order it in print at a discounted rate.

8. It is an opportunity to be an inspiration to you.

9.Your support does my heart and family well.

10. You will discover who you are.

Thank you and remember to accept your dreams of success!


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