10 Books that grab and never let you go

Contemporary novels can leave a lasting effect on a reader and makes for great conversations(and dreams!) These are ten books complete with reviews that had some effect on me.


Here is a short list of Contemporary Christian novels that grabbed me in 2010 with stellar plots, real characters, and just plain good ol’ writing. These are in no particular order. Promise.

Never Let You Go, Erin Healy

Wisdom Hunter, Randall Arthur

The Last Christian, David Gregory

Maire, Linda Windsor

Guardian of the Flame, T.L. Higley*

Shadow of Colossus, T.L. Higley

The Captain’s Bride, Lisa Tawn Bergren

Offworld, Robin Parrish

The Bridegrooms, Allison Pittman

The Fall of Lucifer(Chronicles of the Brothers Series), Wendy Alec

*Reviews and other data available soon.

**All articles on authors and more can be found at eXaminer.com

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