10 things my father told me

Some things I never understood as I had a child’s mind and could not grasp the information correctly. Now, as a young lady I see so much clearer what my dad tried to say. Some of these musings my sound familiar to you or unfamiliar depending on upbringing, culture, etc. Here goes:

  •  “You have to be strong, it’s a tough world out there.”
  •  “Are you in the rat race? You better be. Get that degree and work hard for yours.”
  •  “A woman should be independent before meeting a man. You don’t want to have him make all the money and then things not work out.”
  •  “Watch over your sister…she is younger than you.”
  •  “Okay so you made honor roll- congrats! Never be satisfied. If you have a Bachelor’s get a Master’s, after that get a Ph.D, or if you have a nice job, keep working hard. Never be satisfied.
  •  “God should be head over your household. You and your husband will be equal partners.”
  •  “You just keep doing so well in your studies. That’s my girl!”
  •  “What? Your hair feels bristly? Maybe you should have left that conditioner in longer.”
  •  “Life is more than just books, Erica.”
  •  “You know who your friends are when they tell you the right things and not what you want to hear.”

I know some of these were funny or maybe you disagreed with these sayings, but I have to tell you- I loathed hearing them, and now they are sweet words to keep me going.

Love you dad!

2 thoughts on “10 things my father told me

  1. I tell you Erica i believe that says it all, thanks for sending it to me,maybe a whole lot of daughters and sons should just keep some of things their parents say to them for future reference.
    Thanks again

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