Book Review Alert! The Captain’s Bride creates a wave in your soul!

They traveled to America in search of freedom and prosperity. Elsa Anders, Peder Ramstad, Tora Anders, Karl Martensen, Kaatje Jenssen and her lecherous husband Soren all left from Bergen Norway to America in search of something new, some fertile lands and a different kind of freedom. But what each person learns is that lusts of the heart can bring sorrow even when you have good intentions.**

At first glance, the book seems to be a simple story of a sea captain and his bride. The cover is quite nostalgic and classic of a romance on the sea kind of work. But once you begin to turn the pages, you are thrust immediately into the year 1881 and each character has their own personal demons to fight and on the boat, it becomes a drama filled piece kind of like As the World Turns. The inner conflicts of each character transfers immediately into something daring and seductive. For instance, Tora Anders is a sixteen year old saucy vixen who knows what she wants and she doesn’t care who she goes through to get it. Karl Martensen has strong feelings for Elsa, but she is now married to Peder Ramstad-the steady sea captain of the Herald. In the midst of the characters’ longings and the seduction, God seems far away. For others, God couldn’t be closer(read more on

Book can be purchased through Waterbrook Press.


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