‘Wisdom Hunter’ an agonizing and painful lesson

Pastor Jason Faircloth knows what he believes and his faith is clear- in fact, this is what makes him the most prominent pastors in Atlanta. He relies on it to discipline his daughter, his wife, and the church. He prays daily others will see God the way he does. This will cost him everything he has.**

While some novels play it safe with a slow, agonizing storyline and give you what you want. Wisdom Hunter holds nothing back. In fact, the book can be used a healthy tool next to the bible for understanding people, relationships, and pain. There are times where you will want to put the book down because it talks to you and who you are. Jason Faircloth, in many ways, is like us and he learns about pain and loss in the most horrifying, gripping way.

There were so many emotions gathered and hard to process while reading the book. What can be said is that Jason loses a few people in his life and he then gives up the ministry to go on a Wisdom Hunt and he keeps a notebook with all kinds of treasured advice he gathers along the way:

“It’s now clear to me that I know very little…I’ll let the bible objectively interpreted be the filter that governs what I soak up in my quest for true wisdom.”(Wisdom Hunter, p. 131)

There are some very sharp and annoying points in the book also. Besides being a gem which uses fiction to press an important message on you(click for more on Wisdom Hunter)


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