Deeper Theology meets I Robot and Bicentennial Man in ‘The Last Christian’

In the year 2088 your brain could be downloaded onto a tiny silicon chip potentially eliminating physical death altogether, this threat causes the person to want more stimulation for the body and not the soul. Enter Abigail Caldwell, a missionary daughter who emerges from the jungle for the first time in her thirty- four years and she is faced with a hard task from her grandfather: reintroduce Christianity to America. Could it be done?**

The Last Christian has the heart of the movie Bicentennial Man, the spirit of I, Robot, and the soul of real Christianity printed on the page. This beautiful, intelligently written story has so many elements that all cannot possibly be told here as it stands to be considered more than fiction.

Abigail Caldwell forces you to hear her voice, feel her naiveté as she lands in the U.S. to stay with her cousin Lauren Caldwell in Texas . Abigail’s strength was nicely fused with her compassion for people and her passion for the Gospel. In this book you will astounded to learn that people no longer call you, they tap you using a VR chip located in the brain, and cars have one set speed limit and remains on cruise control operated by voice control(remember the I, Robot comparison?)

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