Book Review Alert: When Heaven Comes Down

Accounts of God’s glory and manifest presence fill the pages of the bible. Yet, today these miraculous experiences seem few and far between. Che Ahn, shows us that it doesn’t have to be that way. According to the Lord’s Prayer, we should be experiencing glory on earth “as it is in heaven” its just the suffering part and the seeming lack of everyday miracles which tend to get us down.**

First of all, reading Che Ahn’s book requires a quiet, earnest dedication in note taking and praying. This little book is a gem packed with stories of God’s glory transforming people and seemingly impossible tasks suddenly become possible when you begin to tap into the Lord’s resources. Che Ahn takes careful consideration in his words and he illustrates and provides scriptures to back up what he says. For instance, Che Ahn introduces us to two forms of glory. The eternal glory and manifest presence of God and further compares the two to the Sun(When Heaven Comes Down, pg. 26).

Some subjects he touches on are:

Definition of Glory

Destined for Glory

The Glory and the Apostolic Movement

The Glory of God and Transfer of Wealth, and much more.

As a side note, while reading this book, I was already personally hoping to have more glory in my life and to be encouraged and taught how to help spread it. I believe that because of a yearning I had in my heart already once I opened up the pages of Ahn’s book, the flame was kindled brighter in me and each page had to be highlighted and explored further. Some examples of God’s manifestations in his book have seemed far too fantastical to me, yet the bible had similar instances occur: such as clouds appearing in temples/churches, people claiming to have gems fall from the sky and gold caps forming on teeth. Che Ahn explains that there are records and dental experts who can back up these facts as well. So who am I to judge?

In the meantime, please visit Mr. Che Ahn on his website:

Places to find this book:

*Blurb and book provided for review by Bethany House Publishers.


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