Dear Lord…What are the enemies of Christian character?

A pastor is accused of infidelity, a young Christian woman is pregnant and unwed, a murderer just professed belief in God before entering jail. What all these people have in common is not simply their faith, but their inability to have fully developed the Christian character

Colossians 3:5 has a brief list of things believers should not practice such as: sexual immorality, impurity, lust, greed and so on. The problem is that these are things Christians did before they turned their minds over to Christ, so instead of defining what a good Christian should be, it would be best to analyze each problem in Paul’s list of worldly desires.


The immoral Christian is the one who figures that God is no longer present with them in their daily life. Sexual immorality is rampant among Christians and non Christians. Again, this is because sex is a human physical need and is not contrary to God’s divine purpose but can be abused fairly easily. Biology-or what the Christian may term as “flesh” has been a part of everyone since birth and so it is hard to follow the rules of abstinence as soon as you believe in God. For example, with a world filled with subjective moralists, it is hard to pinpoint statistically which group are the Christians who dabble in sexual impurity because they too feel that subjects such as premarital sex should be kept secret.

According to the Barna Research Group, “Two thirds of younger Americans agree with sex outside of marriage and viewing pornography is no big deal” (Barna Research Group, 2006). Sex is a huge issue for both teenagers and adults, and to profess faith in a belief which requires total commitment to the Lord and abstain from sex, can be difficult and amidst that comes the peer pressure that not everyone is equipped to deal with.

Therefore, sexual immorality, though rampant among the teenagers could be due to more pressures in the school and from friends. If you are a born again, bible believing Christian, it comes down to being honest with your God and yourself. Sex and the drive for sex is as much physiological as it is physical and mental, and can be hard to combat for the average Christian(enemy of christian character continued)


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