Book Review: How Should a Christian Live?

How should a Christian live is geared towards the teens, and because of this, I took the time to review how the elements in the book would live up to a teen’s standards of living Godly.

First, there are the “breakdowns”. Each section of the book is broken down into 6 parts.

Hear It– this is the audio section, when you pop the cd into your computer or home DVD player, a voice comes on to introduce you to a New Testament chapter in the book to prepare you for the section.

Get It– you actually learn some new terms and read a page on living positively.

Grab It– has more key terms explained in a more contemporary fashion.

Hold It- Reiterates the previous sections.

Live It– Practical lessons to follow, with some encouraging tips.

Give It– Kingdom living and more advice, along with some exercises as well.

In between the pages there are stops along the way, like questions, puzzles, and word searches. The best part is the journaling pages. Teens have a lot to say sometimes and the best way is to communicate it.

The book is really neat for what it is, including an all star cast of popular people as the voices on the disc, but really, no Christian book should have to have actors and singers to promote itself, God’s Word is all that’s needed. I highly recommend this book!

*Disclaimer: This book was provided for review by Thomas Nelson Publishers.


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