Tracking an Author Series: Part 1

Sometimes the easiest way to know about the publication process is to follow someone who is going through the process. How about following me?

Task#1: I had to choose whether I should self publish or go through a traditional publisher. For those who are not sure what those terms mean you can visit Traditional publishing.
Want to know if I went through a self publisher or traditional? You can hit me up at to find out! Of course as I post more of these you will know the answer.

Task#2: Finished writing my manuscript; did a spell check, grammar check and double checked again to make sure everything was clean and then I sent the file to the publishers via email.

Task#3: Publishers just got back with me today and formatted my book, now I have to make sure it is the interior and cover that I actually like….

*Stay tuned for more Tracking an Author…


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