Book Review Alert! Start Here by Brett and Alex Harris

Photo courtesy of Waterbrook Press
Blog Tour Dates March 15-19
*This book was provided for me by Waterbrook Multnomah Press for an honest review.
Alex and Brett Harris has temed up with Elisa Stanford, to write what may be called a comapnion follow up to their early book Do Hard Things. This book was written to help teenagers get started with the how and the whys of doing difficult things for God. As Christians, teenagers still have to bump against the culture, the music, the family life at home, and even the tough job of believing in themselves.
From the first page, I gathered that the writers were young. But here’s the difference between them and other writers: They were only eighteen years old when they wrote Do Hard Things, now Brett and Alex Harris are 21 and attending college. In this book you will learn:
-Getting started with really hard things
-Making that first idea to come to fruition
-Things that are important
-How to manage time
-How to use discern me concerning media and culture
Truthfully as I read each page, I felt they were talking to me, and I am in my 20s. The book is a thin one, but packs a punch of knowledge. The only downside(which isn’t really a downside at all) is that this book is suitable for all ages that have started something for God and never finished, or who still have not found about who they are through Christ’s eyes.
Remember Hebrews 12:11 in the bible and be encouraged!
Click Start Here to purchase.

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