They’re Just Words Strung Together…

Why must I read what never happened?

I am a fiction junkie. Seriously. I know this because I’d rather read about a good sword fight taking place on Mars, than of the latest Dow Jones stock market economic hoopla or a book on American History. Before I get ahead of myself, I do love some Non fiction books-if they are memoirs. Nothing tells a good story like Creative Nonfiction.

But fiction never really happens.

Or do they?

Take for instance books like Animal Farm and 1984 by George Orwell. Both are really allegories for real life: Government taking over everything, political uprisings, advanced technology and a smattering of truth about people. The words may have been taken from the writer’s mind and strung together creatively to form tight paragraphs and dialogue, but the books made for rich reading and kept the reader thinking even while the book is closed.

Also, fiction just seems more fun anyway and provides a way out of real life. The Twilight Saga and other books like it has sparked a new generation of Twihards, Twi-Moms, and other fans all over the world. This is a series about a vampire falling in love with a regular girl. Why are people eating this stuff up? Why do we let it suck our money dry even though they are just words strung together?

Because, the words represent us. Even in a format such as fiction. Jesus told parables. These were stories about people that never really happened or could happen, but we are suckers for good stories. We spend time and money on it. The children would gather around Jesus’ feet as He told them about Heaven. Adults took out their stone pads and begin to write down bits of the parables He told about the Prodigal Son or the rich man and poor man.

So why do we read fiction?

To learn what we should do. To learn what we could do. To enjoy the ride. To take time off from Earth. To give us dreams of another world.

That’s why I read fiction.


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