The Karma of Jesus by Mark Herringshaw

Book provided for review by Bethany House Publishers

“So tell me, what’s in it for you? Why be a Christian?” Asks Andrew in Mark Herringshaw’s latest book The Karma of Jesus.

Mark Herringshaw has a candid, polite conversation with one of his students who is a professed believer in Karma. After class, the student and Mark engage in a conversation about New Age beliefs, Karma, Hinduism, and Jesus. The conversation will take root in you as it honestly seeks answers most of us have had in our lives. Many Christians, who scoff at the idea of Karma and Jesus being pushed so closed together, may not want to read this book. If you are open minded, you will feel each emotion that Andrew expresses to the author, you feel what Jesus felt as others have questioned him two thousand years ago. You will begin to look into your own relationships and ask yourself: Am I an Andrew or a Mark Herringshaw?

As you delve further into the book, Mr. Herringshaw lets you peek into his own life and his own battles he had in the past and at the end of his conversation with the student, he admits to Andrew he has learned something new as well.

This book surprised me because I was not prepared for the spiritual answers or emotions. The parables he used and the examples from literature, TV, and music touched me deep inside and tears welled in my own eyes when he told Greg’s story.

I encourage everyone to pick up this book and really glean from it, the love Christ has for us because if it were up to Karma we would have injustice due to us, but Christ bestows Grace and favor. I’d rather have Christ.

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