Parables become fact in Ted Dekker’s latest novel

Authors Ted Dekker and Carl Medearis asked themselves one question: “Is it possible to truly love your enemies as Jesus taught in Luke 10:27?

What ensued was a journey to the Middle East and the power of the pen. Dekker decided to write a book about his journey to meet with the “enemies” and ask them this same question. What is odd is how this nonfiction work had the pages bleeding with real transcripts from interviews but managed to be fiction all at once.

Ted Dekker is well known for his super thrillers and fiction dealing featuring serial killers, mass murderers, people with strange powers, and even some romance; he manages to insert a parable in Tea with Hezbollah. In this book, you will read about someone whose story seems so real, that you will question yourself: “Did this really happen? If so, how does Dekker know this person’s story? This particular character and their trial emphasized what Dekker tried to figure out on his journey(read more).


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