Top sites to excite fans…

After reading a satisfying book, you want to know more about the author, and just like you can tell how a person is by how they live, a website is like a home and tells you more about an author. Here are four websites that dazzle the visitor by having either a “home” feel to it, very interactive, simplistic yet tasteful, or all of the above.
The first website one must visit is  Ted Dekker is author of the Circle Trilogy series, Blink, and the current nonfiction novel Tea with Hezbollah. When you first type in the web address you are greeted either with the current book that is out or the web page itself. His page is very interactive, allowing his fans to vote on certain topics; he has a blog embedded on the site so you can click and read his posts and comment on his posts. His site also has the basic layout: News, about, library and other links to get you started on your quest. A unique feature about Dekker’s site is that at the top of a page is the green circle with a red cross in the middle. Roll your mouse over it and it rotates. Very interactive!(Who else has a great site?)

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