Greetings from the web

Greeting cards to hold in your hand are becoming obsolete as websites transform the way to customize and send these cards, eliminating the mailman as the middle man. Here are a few sites which lets you customize a card, print it, and send it to those you care about.

Yahoo has been allowing most to create precious cards to send via online. To get there, type in the address bar and you will be taken to the main screen offering you to do e-cards, create and print, or invite people to birthday parties and other invites. The site has such a clean, friendly look to it and the good news is that Yahoo has partnered up with well known greeting card company American Greetings. In the past, most e-cards were free to create and print. Yahoo has a Create and Print tab, but in order to access, you must pay about 19.99 per year for membership.

Sometimes you want to send a nice card online to your friend, but don’t want to pay a hefty price. At 123greetings you find nice, stunning cards and ones cute enough and interactive enough to warrant laughs. Head over to and there will be featured cards to whet your appetite. Just like Yahoo, the site has a clean, fun feel to it. The great news is that unlike Yahoo, these cards are completely free to send online. 123 Greetings believes in customizing to fit your emotions and your life and they build their audience by allowing widgets to be created and shared while offering over 20,000 greeting cards to choose from(greeting cards continued)

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