Online book readers can not replace the paperback

Opening a shiny, crisp paged book with a gorgeous photo fixed onto a glossy cover has enchanted readers of the paperback for so long. Now the internet has made technology even more innovative by enabling anyone to download books in digital format. This comes with some pitfalls.

First, online readers can be too pricey. If you ever want the Kindle from Amazon or the iPad, where you can download books immediately onto the digital platform you will be charged about $259.00 for the Kindle, while the iPad is about five hundred dollars. These prices may not be steep for those who actually work a decent job, but those who are content with their laptops and desktops fare much better. If you already have a computer, some books are available to download immediately, usually in PDF format and for a cheap price. One upside to the e-book readers is that once you have paid a hefty amount for the reader, your favorite authors’ books will be available for prices much cheaper than a physical paperback. Yet, even this can cause problems for both authors and publishers(more on online readers)


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