Want to remember what you read?

When we read, we want to get the most out of what we are reading. There shouldn’t be little black things flying past our eyes on a white sky in our hands. How can we remember what we read when we are given an assignment?

1) SQ3R
When you read, first scan the main headings, then question what you are reading or ask what do you already know about this subject matter, then you’d want to use the three R’s. Read, recite, and review. Using this method allows you to do active reading. This means you are not just reading words, you will questioning what you read as you read.
2)Talk about it.
Sometimes when we talk about something we’ve read, we remember certain points and highlights and you never lose it. This is similar to SQ3R’s Recall method. For example, while studying biology in high school, I was studying a very difficult but interesting chapter. I placed my dad’scamcorder in front of me and began to recall all the facts I’ve learned so far but I added a bit of humor too so that I could be prepared for the quizzes and tests. I was very prepared by the way.
This method even works with reading books for leisure. If you hold a book club, or book discussions, its probably a good idea to discuss a certain work often and bounce ideas and opinions off of each other. This paints a clear picture from all angles.
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