Book Review Alert: The Fall of Lucifer by Wendy Alec

“How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning!

So begins Wendy Alec’s epic novel, where the main star isn’t Lucifer, but God and His unending love. I’ve had this book almost a year now and have read so many reviewers’ opinion of it, that I just had to pick it up this month and read it for myself. So here is my unbiased, honest review of the book:
The book begins with Lots of description. The opening scenes in Petra- 2017 where Nick De Vere discovers angelic writings is but a few pages long, before you are immediately thrust into 100 millinia earlier in the heavenlies where things like: portico, orangeries, and heliotropes adorne the heavens and then you are brought into the brotherhood of Lucifer, Michael, and Gabriel. Lucifer, second only to God, Gabriel the revelator, and Michael the warrior angel of Justice. The novel portrays that before the Fall, the brothers had a good union- a friendship. I like how Wendy made Lucifer appear as just “one of the boys”. While reading, you know what lies ahead for him and a third of the angels, but for the next fifty or so pages you kind of get a feel for the love God has for the angels and their love for Him and then he decides to make Man, and one angel(you know who) doesn’t like that. So begins Lucifer’s slow spiral to insanity.
The middle of the book focuses on how Lucifer begins to be late for meetings, he cuts himself off from his brothers, and God still wants to go ahead with creating humans. The description of the palaces and kingdoms are so colorful, you can just touch the pages and hope it comes to life. From Lucifer’s standpoint, he wants the angels to be God’s only creation- “Why create man?” Lucifer ponders. he tries to tell the angels this and even asks the Christos whats the deal. Christos responds; “Just repent”
For many of you who know the bible, you know Lucifer never repents, but Wendy has painted a picture from the side of the angels in the heavens. Many books foretell of whats to come on Earth, and although I love Left Behind, it takes place on Earth too. In FOL, warfare started in the heavenlies, in fact the first death in the heavens takes place in the chapter called “Ebony”.
So what was negative about this book? What was positive and should you read it?
Let me put it to you this way. I began the book two nights ago, and am now finished with it. It was very hard to put down, you feel as if you are there with these angels. Lucifer isn’t depicted as one dimensional for some time here, Wendy gave him a personality, and showed that even though he was cast down, he would always say, “I love Yehova. I still love Him” He asks about God all the time. Doesn’t make him nice though. The writing is stellar and I wil begin part two of this series called Messiah.
The only negative would probably be the descriptions if you are not into that. Most pages are highly descriptive, meaning the author goes into details about color, lands, planets, and some scientific terms are there too, but they are not difficult.
I highly recommend this book to: Seekers, Christians, Non believers, those who love Lord of the Rings, and others who just plain love a good book.

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