How to become Popular…Online.

I strayed away from book reviewing today because I feel social networking is getting major buzz and some people know how to work it…and some just don’t. Social networking is an awesome tool for marketing oneself(listen up new authors!) I write this piece with love.
To become popular online is almost similar to being popular in reality, you just have to promote yourself and not be shy. Here are some ways to make yourself popular-the right way.

1)Register with Popular Sites

The most obvious start for someone unfamiliar with social networking, is to become registered with the many popular sites out there. Registering with just one social networking site is okay, but if you are trying become known you wouldn’t just remain stagnate in one area, right? So, spreading yourself out there is key. I am shy so being all over the place online was a huge step for me and took some guts and many pressures from family members to join these sites. Here is a list of a few you can join: and other blogsites you find like WordPress.

Second life(dot) com is actually a virtual reality site. There are real people operating on the platform using avatars to interact with one another, plus it is fun. The key thing to remember is check which ones you are comfortable with and choose at least three social networking sites for increased exposure.

2)Keep it Interesting.

No one wants to read boring posts all day long. The only way you can get away with this, is if your friends are all “Twittering” about the same thing or your blog site is geared toward academia, then you can post accordingly. Yet, Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, and the like have thousands if not millions of visitors everyday and they want to know what is interesting. I’ve read posts of people saying they just got back from Spain, or have published their first novel. That’s exciting to post. Many of us are not stars or have a book published, but perhaps you found something interesting on the news, or read a book about how someone can increase their wealth or self esteem(Click here to read rest of article).


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