Book Review Alert: 99 Ways to Save and What Women Don’t Know

*These books were provided for review by WaterBrook Multnomah
I had the pleasure of reviewing these books and one in particular I was able to read through rather quickly was Frank Martin’s 99 Ways to Increase Your Income. The book touts that it will show you how to generate more money and save more cash. My humble opinion is that this book is full of common sensical things we all should know, on the bright side there are easy to read paragraphs in this book that makes for a quick resource. My only problem was the resource.

As someone who Googles her information a lot, I suppose I shouldn’t complain about the amount of resources provided in this book, or lack thereof. For instance here are some tips that stuck out for me:

Tip #59 Blogging for Pay. This is great advice for people always on the internet anyway, but I was hoping for a list of places that actually allows you to earn for blogging. He says his friend is a history buff and is being paid to blog on “some site” dealing with history facts, well what is this site’s name? I really wanted to know. Again, I Google so perhaps I should seek that out myself.

Tip# 10 Establish an Emergency Fund at least 3 to 6 months of your salary worth. Well, what a fine idea! The only problem is I don’t make much to be stashing money and not using it. I am not an entrpreneur like Frank Martin, or a banker, nor any other high paying, high profile money maker who can set aside 6 months salary. Again, maybe a little I can stash and I am grateful for the advice nonetheless.

Tip#29 Craigslist. I am so done with Craigslist it isn’t funny. Which is why I am glad Frank Martin mentions ebay and Amazon more than once as other sources to buy used items and to sell. In my opinion Craigslist is not filled with serious buyers or sellers and he lucked up to have bought cars online but I am skeptical.

After these few tips there were great ones to buy into like tutoring as a side job, pet grooming, slicing up credit cards and the like. The question is will I buy more of his books in the 99 series? I just might because I am not so shy as to learn from someone wiser than I am!

Happy Reading! Don’t forget to click on the books to be redirected to their site.


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