Touched by a Vampire Book discussion#3: Twilight’s Take on Abstinence/ Recaps

First of all, here is a little chat transcript of Book Discussion #2″Dazzled”

Me: Well, while you are on, I’ll make this brief so I can post it. I have one question: Where do we get our ideals about love? From books, media, family, or friends?

Sister:Family and friends and then media.

Me:Well, this chapter dealt with satellite love
Bella compared herself to a moon with no planet to reovlve around if Edward weren’t there with her.I forgot Jacob said “for me you are not heroine, but a breath of fresh air and sunshine” unlike Edward’s heroine comparison…

Sister: Um crazy…but heroine is strong and hard to get off of.

Me: Well, the last part is called “The Love that isn’t Love”-Edward shows signs of abusiveness: taking car parts away when Bella wants to see Jacob, sneaking in windows…do u agree?

Sister: We don’t take parts out. Maybe men do. But we do fuss. Show signs of verbal abusing

It is safe to say that although Twilight is very good to chew on, it is showing girls that having someone controlling and revolving around a man isn’t always a good start to a lifelong friendship with someone.

Day 3 Discussion: Absitinence in Twilight.

If you are like me, then reading Twilight was an erotic experience, as far as the “delayed gratification” goes and how the Cullens are portrayed as beautiful, captivating and never sleeps.

Never sleeps?

While reading Breaking Dawn, I wondered how Bella and Edward’s wedding night would turn out, and it was as imagined: bruises, apologies, and broken headboards…is this what young girls should look forward to? Beth Felker Jones said it quite nicely in her book: “God intends for sex to be loving and mutual, never violent.” (57). Well, I must say, there is an allure to wanting something dangerous. Edward is a creature, lets get that straight. And he never sleeps, so the outcome is never ending ecstasy and thats what this culture is looking for….the never ending sexual release over and over again. With or without the marriage bed. Twilight in its innocence, still glorified the intense sexuality part and made it seem as if living longer would be filled with nights of sex forever.

The good news is that God intended sex for married couples and thats honorable in Meyer’s works. Again, if your teen is reading this, help him/her understand that marriage is honorable and not just to be used for one thing, but to be the image of Christ loving the Church.

Questions to ponder:

*Do you agree that faithfulness is rare in our culture? Who has been an example of faithfulness in your life?

*How can intimacy without commitment cause pain? (Think about Bella’s feelings of vulnerable intimacy versus lifelong commitment). (Questions taken from Touched by a Vampire, 61).


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