Touched By a Vampire Book Discussion#2 "Are You Dazzled?"

Here is a snipet of the conversation, my sister and I had last night about the “allure of dangerous romance” in Twilight and real life:

1)“If you were Bella’s Friend, would you warn her about her relationship with Edward?”
We agreed that there may have been some warning, but ultimately Bella was going to do what she wanted to do.

2)“How do you feel about Sam Uley suddenly leaving Leah for Emily, simply because of imprinting or the idea of having a soul mate? Isn’t that kind of dangerous?”

My sister did admit that was kind of wrong, although the wolves can’t help who they imprint on. I saw it as devastating and we both mentioned how this leaves the woman without any choices. What if she decided to be with a normal guy? Would she be punished for that, or what?

Very interesting….

So now we are on Chapter 2 of “Touched by a Vampire”- “Dazzled”

“Twilight is governed by the sense that people have no control over their attraction.” (Touched by a Vampire, 28).

We explore 5 different kinds of love exhibited in Twilight.
-Satellite Love
-Friendship and Love
-Love that can destroy
-Love that sacrifices
-A different kind of Love
*I would like to summarize “satellite love” and love that isn’t love”

First, satellite love is when you gravitate towards a person, you can’t stand to be away from them, you consider them the center of your universe. Bella has”compared her existence without Edward to that of a lost moon without no planet.” (New Moon- Stephenie Meyer, 201). In my opinion, no one should be put on that kind of pedestal. In fiction it may work for Bella, but in real life we will be let down hard if we honor a human being and consider ourselves lonely without one when God is with us all the time and will “never leave us nor forsake us”

Next, is the difficult, abusive type of love:Love that isn’t love. Edward, in the novels does some crazy things to keep Bella around him at all times. Teens who read this may think he is being nice and yes, he may be protective of Bella, but wrecking a car to keep Bella from seeing Jacob and sneaking through windows to “keep watch” does sound eerie.

Again, I love the Twilight series, but here are extra questions to think about:

1)What do you want from love?
2)Is there a part of you that thinks real love acts jealous and controlling?
3)Where do we get our ideals about love? From media, books, family?
4)What aspects of love, as described in the bible, are most compelling to you?
5)Love doesn’t allow for abuse. Go online to the abuse hotline if you or someone you know is being abused(

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