Book Review Alert! Leaving Yesterday

*This book provided for review by Bethany House Publishers

“I think if the police do find out who killed him, instead of pressing charges…they should give him the keys to Santa Barbara.” (Leaving Yesterday, p.21).

So begins the tumultous journey of Alisa Stewart and the fight for her prodigal son Kurt. Kurt has been accused of killing a thug and Alisa could not find it in her heart to believe that. Despite her husband’s advice on “being too soft on the boy”, despite her losing Nick, her other son in a Mardi Gras incident, and also the split between her and her husband, Alisa has a tenacious spirit that would not let go of the Kurt she now knows.

Kurt has voluntarily checked himself into rehab right after the death of Rudy Prince, the drug dealer. Kurt is back, clean, and ready to go, and has a newfound faith. The problem is that his problems are still facing him and now evidence, plus more clues are all pointing to him.

The excitement I got out of this book, is knowing I could actually see this one being made into a lifetime movie. Ms. Cushman writes clearly and with believable characters who draw you into their world. I was on the edge of my seat when more clues crept up and Alisa had to make a choice: Follow God’s voice or do your own thing.

What a wonderful book. Please visit author’s website at:
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