Upcoming Book Reviews and Giveaways…Nano?

First off, if you would look to your right of the screen you will see a list of books I will be reviewing and posting up to November 13th and then there will be more to come. Feel free to click on the link and visit that book’s site.

Also, next month there will be a huge giveaway from me to you-I will try to do this. That’s right! Free books! I will put together books I’ve posted on this site from missed blog giveaways(and a few more books) and will send them out to whoever wins the name drawing. You may enter this drawing by simply sending me your name as a comment on this blogsite. Contest will end November 13th. Consider it an early Christmas Gift.

Keep checking back to see whose book I will be reviewing next and for author interviews. These wonderful writers are so humble, and so intellectual that the interviews are just simply fun to do and they are for you too as the reader.

In other news I am gearing up for NanoWrimo month. Last year I was 5,000 words short of finishing my novel and winning Nanowrimo. This year I will put my best foot forward, and who knows, your girl may have a winning book! Or something to brag about.




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