The Sound of Sleigh Bells

This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.

Book: The Sound of Sleigh Bells
Author: Cindy Woodsmall
Dates: October 12-16

Beth Hertzler is discovering that just because she wears black and decided to shut others out, she can’t shut out the love of God. She has a loving Aunt, Lizzy Hertzler who wants her niece to find love and not be old and alone like she is.

The Lord works in mysterious ways for Beth, because she is drawn to a carving so beautiful and breathtaking, she immediately wants to know who made it. The one who made it, Jonah, has been through much in his life too, yet he can take wood from anywhere and turn it into something beautiful. We wonder if he can smooth out Beth’s edges too?

For this to be only 194 pages, you really get a flavor of many characters’ personalities in the work and I instantly fell for Jonah. In fact, I identified with him, because he met a person with hurt on the inside, and although he hadn’t suffered emotional hurt, he has had physical damage, and it may have scarred him for life if he did not have a loving family and Jesus in his heart. For a while there Beth was driving me crazy with being so cold…understandable since she lost her fiancé, and I wish to tell the whole story, but I can’t.

Her Aunt tickled me, with her passing love notes and her very caring attitude towards her niece. I identified with her as well because I consider my niece like a daughter and want what is best for her.

A lovely book, perfect for the holidays!

Favorite Quote: “…as childish as an Englischer wanting a fairy to bring money for a useless tooth.” (pg.19)


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