Living with Confidence….

The condition of the world is that it’s sick and getting worse. The condition of the Christian’s world should continue to be calm and stable. Dr. David Jeremiah has written a book of hope for those wallowing in this chaotic world. After reading his book your spirit should breathe and be conditioned for this time and place we are in.

Dr. Jeremiah teaches us that there are ten things we should do in order to survive in this new world.

*Stay Calm
*Stay Compassionate
*Stay Constructive
*Stay Challenged
*Stay Connected
*Stay Centered
*Stay Confident
*Stay Consistent
*Stay Committed
*Stay Convinced

Dr. Jeremiah tells us that being asleep is the same as being unconscious, why aren’t we awake to what’s going on around us? Why aren’t we praying more? Why aren’t we reading the Word more and more?

I liked the scenarios he painted in the beginning of each chapter, to highlight problems, but each chapter concludes with hope. I went through and highlighted key points and scriptures he threw out(and there was plenty!) Here’s a little excerpt:

“Sad times are good times for realizing God’s goodness.”(Living Confident in a Chaotic World, pg. 28)

This book was well written and straight to the heart of what we need most- someone who is real and upfront about the problems and confusion of today, but offers the hope in God’s Word.


2 thoughts on “Living with Confidence….

  1. Hi Sozintara,I've gotten a copy of that book, it was recommended to me by a Christian friend.My main interests are afterlife research, parapsychology, philosophy and the connection of quantum mechanics and consciousness. But I also like books on personal and spiritual development, so I think Dr.Jeremiah's book will be a wonderful resource.Specially, staying centered and confident are very valuable suggestions to cope with difficult situations.

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