The Pure Foundations Series

There will come a time when your little one may ask: “Where do babies come from?”

Instead of scratching your head and conjuring up stories about Storks or saying, “wait until you are older”, why not tell them now? Today’s kids are so full of questions and they want to know the truth from their mommies and daddies. The world may teach them one way, but what does God say about our bodies and from whence we come from?

Jim Burns, ,Phd., founder of HomeWord and host of the radio show HomeWord with Jim Burns which is heard daily in hundreds of communities, has written fabulous books called the Pure Foundations Series, which help to explain things to children in fun, illustrative ways- biblically.

God Made Your Body/ How God Makes Babies
This book has such stunning, glossy pages, its made for delightful reading. I enjoyed how the beginning of the book establishes connections between the reader and the one reading by asking questions: What color are your eyes? What kind of hair do you have? It also encourages the child to find what’s so special about their bodies as it pertains to God’s unique designing skills. Each book in the series uses the International Children’s Bible translation. When it came to explaining procreation, I got a little still, but the book keeps it clean, with full color pages, it is so easy to understand and biblical all at the same time!

Some quotes from the book:
“A husband and wife kiss and cuddle and hold in ways they would not do with any other person.”
“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you. Before you were born, I set you apart for my holy purpose”-Jeremiah 1:5A(GW)

*A note to Christian parents: The book explains the process of man and woman joining together but only after they are married and the photos only show how the babies are formed in the mother’s womb. These books are awesome, please purchase and read use them to minister understanding to the little ones.

You may purchase these books at Bethany House Publishers as well.

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