Your Kids" Internet Safety" Tips

Your child, if they aren’t computer savvy now, they will be and that is a fact. As a parent, however, there are some rules of the web for them to follow and these are simple rules for those complicated places kids would go.

Children have the tendency to roam all over the place once they have a bit of freedom, and the longer they roam, the more places they can find and they may be horrible places. The best thing to do in this case: Set a time for them to surf online. Depending on their age, give them the standard two hour surf time. That’s enough to do research, play online, and other activities.

Your child needs to know they can come to you with any question at all about something unusual they find online. As a parent, the first rule of thumb would be not to have a very young child on the computer without supervision in the first place. They should be in your vision at all times. Tell the child they are allowed to ask questions about questionable sites and that you will not be mad at them. This will require you to look over their shoulders once in a while.

Everyone knows that scanning is the new internet user’s way to read things and sometimes we haphazardly click on items we are unsure of( read more here)


3 thoughts on “Your Kids" Internet Safety" Tips

  1. Hi,One of the bet options is to get familiar with the accompanying tools which are tagged with your PC and this way you could block a lot of unsavory info from your youngsters as they use the computer. There are various child internet safety software which you ought to know more about as these would help you to effectively block all appalling and foul sites from being viewed.

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