How Did Sara Feel? A Peek into the Past…

I often wonder how one can read something so full of gems, then gloss over its contents and dispel it to the people in a nonchalant sort of way. As I tell my “tutees”, when you read something, you may have to read it a second time in case you’ve missed something, and even then, a third time wouldn’ hurt.

Reading the story of Sara and Abraham, I know how Sara feels waiting on God for something. I sometimes begin to laugh or ignore signs, or heaven forbid- mock my Lord. In times like this we crave results and need results before we lose our ever loving common sense.

So here’s an excerpt of a story called “Bram and Zara” for you to read and enjoy and maybe learn from.

The couple walked towards her, the young woman kept her eyes downcast, a hood to shade her eyes from the old woman. The old woman’s eyes squinted as she stood, star gazing forgotten. The husband never followed the younger woman inside; he stepped next to his wife-the old woman and placed an arm about her waist. She could not help but watch as the young woman entered her home, her head now held high, her cheeks flushed by fires licking flames. Was she ever so happy about this?

“Were you hungry?” The husband asked of the wife. His eyes, still soft and a beautiful brown as the sands that blew from west of Canaan.

“I was, but not anymore, perhaps you have worked up enough energy for food.”

“Don’t be like this, Zara. The woman is young enough for us, besides you picked her out of your heart for me.”

“Do you understand what I have done?” Zara, looked down at her hands, which she knew without the Sun looked young minus the thousands of veins which now slithered along her skin. Signs of old age.

“You’ve done nothing. Come, and we will eat what Hadara has prepared for us.” Bram turned his wife loose and led her to the tent. He too, glanced back and up towards the stars. Instead of seeing them multiply, he imagined them as separate galaxies, kingdoms shining light down on them both.

Once inside, they all sat crossed legged in front of each other; in silence. They ate the choice meat and bread, dipped into a clean smelling liquid mixture of the Oil of Olives.

Hadara, was first to try at conversation saying, ” I added a bit more flavor to the meat, some berries and let it roast longer. How is it, Mistress?”

“Very well, Hadara.” Zara said biting the bread. It tasted of rocks. Not because Hadara has somehow failed in preparing a good feast, but because Hadara still had flushed cheeks, both Zara’s husband and Hadara were still perspiring from their night in the tent(read full story here)


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