How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

A person that wants to drive “traffic” to a website must promote that website. In this case, it will technical expertise, some creativity, and plenty of confidence in the website owner’s case, because people will only visit places they know about. Think about houses with an address, that’s listed in phone books, or telephone/cell numbers which can be easily looked up.
So how can you drive traffic to your website?

*Joining Peer Networks
*Using SEO strategies
*Classic Marketing

Peer Networks are the catalyst spiders for linking old friends with new ones; these sites like Facebook and Myspace are used for more than posting pictures, blogs, and making comments all over someone’s page. Have you considered posting bulletins to your friends about your newly made website? If you haven’t, this should be a main focus in the beginning. When someone creates something new, they are excited to tell the world, and what better sending a post saying: “Hey, check out this website dealing with…” Your website could be the place your friends are looking for depending on what service your site promotes (read more)

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