Moral Relativism: Part 2

Here is another slice for you to gobble on:

Say, you are a relatavist…this means you are down with Oprah’s, “All religions lead to the same place” mentality or worse: “There are no absolute morals”

In Paul Copan’s book, “True for You, But Not for Me”, he mentions how some people actually thought that the terrorists of September 11th were right in their own minds and had their reasons for doing the will of God(73)Yes, people, there are crazy folks who believe that no one is ever actually wrong for their beliefs and unfortunately, this extends to nut cases like those terrorists and anyone else who is a mass murderer, thief, or whoever.

So there is the nasty, gruesome truth about relativisim. Are all things truly relative? Does this include the truth?

Think on this for a while-If you are a relativist and you were raped, would you blame the one who raped you? I mean, truths and moral absolutes are relative, right? He/she may have had a reason for raping….

Think about it. God is the moral absolute, anything doesn’t just go as we please, we would be no more better than amoebas on gnats.


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