Offworld:Book Review

A team of four people take a trip to Mars in the year 2031, they arrive back to earth in the year 2033.
One problem…
Everyone and everything on earth has disappeared. Where have they gone?
This is the premise of Robin Parrish’s book “Offworld”. The book is jam packed with suspense, science, and lots of thrill rides and action. I could see the scenes in my mind rolling as if watching a film.
It was that good!
There were some themes in the book that reminded me of what Christ has done for us. The beauty of this work is that the book was straight action, and built upon the elasticity of friendships- without being overtly obvious that it is a Christian work. Yet, in my opinion the issue of sacrifice and evil was present all throughout and I recommend this book for everyone.
I will definitely read more of Parrish’s works. He is a gifted writer.
Please click on image of book or “Offworld” link for more details.

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