Religion of the Stars: Book Review

Richard Abanes has written a very informative and yet “polite” book for those who are just dying to know what in the world these entertainers believe.

First, let me tell you that I was hooked on the book because I do have a natural curiousity for knowing why people believe in certain things. I had my nose in the book just highlighting key witnessing points and I was even startled by what I read. So much so that often times I went: “This actor/actress/singer is nuts!! They believe what?”

So, here are a few things you will learn in Richard Abanes new book:

*Oprah and the New Age Movement- people actually think they are little Jesus’s running around!

*Mormon’s in the Movieland- Yeah, good people those Mormons, but you will learn why most believe we are gods ourselves.

*Buddha in Tinseltown- Buddha had the right idea, deny thyself from temptations…other than that, better get it right so we can disappear into nothingness!

*Scientology- Tom Cruise is one of my favorite actors, but following L. Ron Hubbard, a man who lied, cheated, and was a phony is not someone I admire and follow.

*Kabbalah- Madonna is the forerunner of the red ribbon..but do we undertand the depth of Kabbalah?

*Magick- Harry Potter is a great series actually, but teens and moms are learning witchcraft and at an alarming rate.

Great book!


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