Not Scratchin’ that Reading Itch

As a writer, one must decide what to write or they write as the “itch” happens. I am a born reader, writing comes second, even so- I am having trouble selecting what I must read. I know I should keep all things pure in my mind; those things that are even remotely against what I believe in, I should stay away from.

Here’s the deal:

The book I want to read and review in the near future, probably next month or so, involves visions, stigmata, and speaking in other voices- it is literary fiction. The author though, is simply posing questions about such events and she does believe there is a God out there, just curious as to how a person believes this and if it actually matters. I know it seems petty to debate on what to read, I mean, a book is a book right? I tend to think so, but I always straddle the fence. One side I think: “Eh, I’m reading for pure enjoyment, while consciously aware of the nuggets of truth.” While the other side of me whispers: “There are things in this reading that will have you question your belief and then you will begin to search more and deny you beliefs.”

Well, yeah, that is what I am encountering at the moment.

So I should just wait it out. I will review it when the time comes this year and you will know it.



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