Linda Windsor Interview

Maire by Linda Windsor
Maire by Linda Windsor Image provided by Multnomah Books


Blog Tour Dates: July 6th-10th(For Maire and Captain’s Bride)

I have here an interview with the creative, and very delightful- Mrs. Linda Windsor: Please feel free to drop comments here and questions!

Erica:What prompted you to write Maire, or Fires of Gleannmara specifically?

Linda:I am of Irish ancestry with Scottish and Welsh thrown in from my dad’s side of the family. So I’ve always been interested in Celtic history. I was intrigued by warrior queens and the matriarchal nature of the Celts, which incidentally was directly connected to the same in the Hebrew culture. The more I researched, the more commonality I discovered between the two until I discovered their common origin–the twins born to Judah in Genesis. Pharez was father of Davidic bloodline and his red-handed (scarlet-corded) brother Zarah, was father of the Celts. So then is wasn’t just a matter of discovering my Celtic heritage, but that of how our faith evolved as well.

Erica::I noticed in Maire, that there were so many references to other biblical characters, and it provided fresh understanding on several biblical topics. For instance, when Rowan was sold by his brother just like Joseph in the bible, or how he compared himself and Maire to Adam and Eve, and my favorite: When Maire leapt through the fire, it reminded of the prisoners of the bible who were literally in the fire and remained uncharred. Did you write these with the symbols intentionally, or did they just come to you?

Linda:Actually Rowan was inspired at first upon my reading of St. Patrick’s abduction by Irish pagans, his escape, and calling to return to evangelize them. But then, it came to me, why not have his brother sell Rowan into slavery like Joseph. The rest also “came” to me. That is what is so exciting about writing this kind of book. I don’t see these things coming, so I’m as gobsmacked (to quote an Aussie friend of mind) as the reader.

Erica Okay, I’ll mention a word from the book, and you mention the first thing that comes to mind(it can be a person, thing, etc)- Meekness

Linda:Blessed are the meek. I forget the rest (I’m Scripture quote-challenged), but I believe it takes far more courage to be meek, that to be belligerant. This is what Maire’s tribe discovers about Rowan, who is fully capable of cleaning their clocks. Yet, he doesn’t. Oh, he struggles not to, mind you, but he resists. Most of the time(Linda Windsor continued).


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