Its Human Nature to Love Michael Jackson

He told us about his friend Ben and how he misses him. He sang to children all over the world true meaning of ABC, with his family band. As he got older, he said he was Bad, did you believe him? Then he told us: Watch out! Dangerous! All the while keeping true to remind us it doesn’t matter if we are Black or White, we should Look at the Man in the Mirror, and try to Heal the World…this is Human Nature.
All of these songs and more have been with me and in my heart for as long as I could remember. I was first introduced to Michael Jackson, when I was a child, my family and I would gather in grandmother’s den to watch Thriller. It was so different, so spooky, but so Michael Jackson! I loved every minute of the video.
My father’s best friend had all of Michael Jackson’s albums, some dusty, some shiny. He would play them when we go over to his house and I would fall in love with the beats and the lyrics. I would go home thinking positive things of healing the world and then would feel buoyed by songs like Rock With You, and requested to borrow the cassette tapes (it was the early 90’s, hush).
As I got older, I finally had to pick a song would be the theme of my life. This is the Michael Jackson song that if someone asks me, “Which is your favorite MJ song?” I can answer: Human Nature. This song, for me, had the mellow beat, the lyrics, and I remember the video somewhat. Anyway, the song was so hot, that SWV collaborated with Michael Jackson’s music and made a hot single called, “Be Right Here”using same beat but remixed. I played that song out too.
Then came the controversies. I was and still am a diehard fan of Michael’s and aside from his stardom, I do believe he dealt with issues that most people would disagree with or, or misunderstand, or just ignored. Either way, I’m sure it was hard on him and his family to encounter praise and hostility all at once, which is why I do not blame him for leaving the country at one point.
Amid the controversies, I recall a MJ 5 movie airing on NBC, detailing the life of the Jackson 5. Ah, it brings back memories of me arriving home in the evenings from tennis practice, and upset I missed half of the show, but I grabbed me a bite to eat and sat in front of the tube anyway just to catch the story of Michael and his family.
It is safe to say, I was truly fascinated with Michael Jackson and his genius and I am not alone in that one. Speaking of alone, I was saddened when I heard he and Presley dissolved their marriage, I wanted MJ to be happy because I feared it may mess up his performance, but he came back in 2001 with Invincible and proved to everyone he can bounce back strong.
Not many people were awake for that album. I was. It was fresh, new, hip, and true to Michael’s Pop genre. Favorite tracks I absolutely adored were: Butterflies, Heaven Can Wait, Break of Dawn, Cry, and Unbreakable, others on the album were just as good, but now when I listen to the single Unbreakable since his untimely death, I figure Michael wanted his listeners to know he was going to stick around for a while and that no matter what he was unbreakable.
Today, I want people to not only remember him for being a performer, or just a really famous guy- I want people to remember the “human” side of Michael Jackson. The part of him that will never die. We have his music, his videos, but his legacy is in his children and in those he has touched for being such a humanitarian. I will hold dear in my mind and heart the Michael Jackson that got me through my BAD days, my good days, my Halloweens with Thriller music and also, his mellow songs of love and of peace.
Michael you’ll be greatly missed.

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