Dieting Post #12/Helium Surprise/ Dark Dimensions

So I missed about four days of dieting and exercise, but I gained momentum in eating less fatty foods and processed food, and of course drink more water. Pepsi is my nemesis, yet I drink it off and on, maybe three cans in a week if that. I’ve always loved salad with Creamy French dressing and 2% shredded sharp cheese on top. What I learned this week is that more water plus lots of veggies and just not eating so late at night is a very good thing. A very very wise thing to do, is never eat at 9pm or later, but I guess you all knew that.

On to other things……

As you know from the blurb/bio, I write for For some reason, lately, I’ve been thinking that its dumb to have payouts go to people who have rating stars. If you have at least one rating star, you are qualified for a payout. The thing is, I haven’t rated writings in a while, and I started up again reading others’ writings, and I still have a score of 68%(if you do not understand how this works, visit the site, there are loads of info on this stuff). Anyway, I was upset because I have some really neat articles, but my payout is at a standstill because I haven’t rated.

Well, bless God. Checked the email today and discovered that Helium issues payouts for writing stars and you can rate at least ten articles a month! Yay!

Other stuff…

Dark Dimensions is really really good. So far, there are prayers being sent up for peace in Jerusalem, the wife Laura Morgan is out of her coma as well as a scientist and they are on a quest to do God’s work and save Jerusalem. The daughter Lori is mixed up in stuff as well as her boyfriend, inter-dimensional beings are walking through walls and bodies and commanding them to do their bidding..its an amazing story, quality writing, I love it!



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