Dark Dimensions

I have begun a new book, “The Rapture Dialogues: Dark Dimension” by Terry James. It is a book of fantasy/futuristic elements about Biblical prophecies, UFOs, Government coverups, and the like. I am a sucker for novels such as these, so I went out and got part 2 as well. While reading I will comment briefly on scenes and pose questions. One day, I hope to do a blog interview with Mr. Terry James as well, his link: http://www.raptureready.com/.

Here is whats happening in a nutshell so far, this is such a good, entertaining read….

  • Flying objects, since 1945 have claimed the skies, a few people including a seven year old boy at the time, witnessed this and began to speak in a different language.
  • Lt. Colonel James Morgan sleepwalks and finds himself onthe balcony speaking in an unknown tongue. This takes place in 1967. He has a wife and daughter Laura and Lori respectively.
  • Lori meets Mark Lansing and they fall in love, Mark is a Captain Flyer(or something; not up to all the military lingo here, sorry).
  • Basically there are sightings, and voices being heard. Reverend Christopher Banyon also hears voices but it tells him warn people about the Bene Elohim or Nephilim. If you do not know what or who the Nephilim are, please refer to Genese 6 in your bible. The entire novel is based off the premise of these beings from the bible.

All in all this is such an entertaining, enlightening book.

*As a side note, some people, whether they are religious or non religious, may think there is no such thing as a race of men who supposedly “mingled” with human women and gave them children, but I believe there are seducing spirits out there and we should be mindful and in constant prayer. In the Book Rapture Dialogues, the pastor/reverend in the story, is called Watchman. The voice says: “Watch therefore as in the days of Noah, so shall it be.”

Get the book, read, digest, question…learn.


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