Held Hostage by Ken Cooper

Have you ever done something that gave you a rush you never felt before?
Done something criminal, but continued to do so because it made you feel good?
You felt you knew God, but something happened to where you were on your knees in mercy to Him?

In his book, which will be due out August 2009, Ken Cooper tells how he held hostages at banks; they called him the Gentleman Robber. He never killed anyone, but he put fear in those tellers at the bank and their customers and stole lots of money. The part that was interesting to me, was the fact that he spent money on a new coat for the women that would be be his hostage. One lady actually wanted to be a part of it, run away with him…but you will read about that.

To understand Mr. Cooper, one must understand his history, psychology, and his faith. He always wanted the AD(Adrenaline Rush), especially if he was going through a tough time. His really rough time came when he lost his first wife, whom he describes as an angel, he was married again for twelve years and then that marriage dissolved, and he was put in jail soon afterward.

In jail is where Ken Cooper meets God, and those who knew him called him “Ninety -Nine”. Why? He had 99 years slapped on him for the robberies, but the Lord saw fit that he should get out in three years.

I won’t tell everything, but I can say this book blessed me, and helped me to grow in my walk with the Lord, because Cooper experienced the supernatural, unatural, and the power of the mighty God right where he was.

Really enjoyed it. Please get it when it is out!



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