Book of Job Discussion Part 2

Job 22:11

Job 23:10

Job 25:5-6

These are just a few verses of the conversation between Job and his dear friends. Sure they mean well, but I think they had God’s personality a bit twisted. Eliphaz mentions that a flood of water “covers Job”, and then Bildad basically says that man is a maggot, which is why he goes through so much. Some of what the friends say to Job is true, as it pertains to the wicked, but what they may have failed to realize is that God is testing Job, which is why I am glad Job told them, once “he is tested, he shall come forth as gold.”

Sometimes people just try to help us out too much, maybe what we need to do is hush up and listen and truly understand what is going on in the spirit realm. Offering quick advice, cutting off people while they are explaining their woes, and then telling them they just have “bad luck” is not the Christian way to deal with a problem. Calling people maggots certainly doesn’t help. We just need to pray with them and for them that they get out of that situation. Its hard sometimes for me because I like to give quick advice in an area I know well, (certainly not ones I am still struggling with), yet if I listen more I will hear God.



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