from the Journal of Sozintara and Night Watchman giveaway Details

Been thinking about prayer- constant prayer and how I am entering a stage of being thirsty for God even more. I rarely pray, but I should. I bought this book called, “Becoming a Prayer Warrior ” by Beth Alves and never read it. Bought it last year as a matter of fact, but have been so bogged down with business, school, and work-life; I never had the chance, because I felt I was alright in the prayer department…wrong. Yet, I see how prayer is so important, it reaches millions. There’s a poem inside, it goes:
I Traveled on My Knees
Last night I took a journey to Israel across the seas;
I did not go by boat or plane, I traveled on my knees.
I saw so many people there with scars and wounds
But God told me that I should go-there was oil to pour from Him.
I replied, “Lord I cannot go and work with such as these.”
He answered quickly, “Yes you can, by traveling on your knees.”
He said, “You pray, I’ll meet their need, you call and I will hear.
Be concerned about the fate of those both far and near.”
And so I tried it, knelt in prayer, gave up some
hours of ease,
I felt the Lord right by my side while traveling on my knees.
As I prayed on and saw them helped, and the badly wounded healed,
I saw God’s workers’ strength renewed while laboring on the field.
I said “Yes, Lord I have a job-my desire Thy will
to please;
I can go and heed Thy call by traveling on my knees.”
-Adapted from a poem by Sandra Goodwin
This poem showed me in particular that prayer is powerful and helps “those far and near”, its not to say stop evangelizing and stop the face to face interaction with people, yet we should all be traveling on our knees because through prayer we learn to communicate with God and have Him show us the way in our daily lives. I truly love this encouraging poem.
May 30, 2009, midnight will be the closing of my Night Watchman giveway, I will draw a name from whoever sends a comment, to receive this wonderful book! Information on the book, summary, review, and evena list of some characters, can be found in my May 11, 2009 post( scroll down, lol).

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