The Night Watchman Review and Book Giveaway

I never read a mystery book so good, that I fell in love with the characters, and actually loved the the same time.
Mark Mynheir, has written a winner with “Night Watchman”, and me and my book club will be reading his other books as well. What proceeds next will be a basic review of the book, coupled with key characters list so you will know who each person is and their role(because I smell a series with this one). The character list may be a SPOILER for some.
Ray Quinn was shot a year ago, and lost a partner while fighting crime. He now has a bum right leg as a result of it, and an ornery attitude to boot. His wisecracks on his coworker and deadpan humor, makes him very unapproachable, yet funny for the reader. He collects retirement benefits while working as a Night Watchman for Coral Bay Condos.
Thats when things get ugly.
A pastor and ex-stripper is found dead in an apartment, and the dead pastor’s sister wants him to help. Ray Quinn definitely doesn’t want to help, but soon he finds himself in a bizarre twist of events leading up to something close and dear to him. The sister, Pam Winters continues to mention how God has things in order for Ray’s life and how her brother would never deal with a stripper or anything wrong for that matter. Ray does not believe in her God, but he reluctantly digs further int the case for her.
This book is definitely for everyone who loves suspense, martial arts, mystery, and…John Wayne-a.k.a “The Duke” this book also gets five stars from me.
  • Ray Quinn-detective and Night Watcman, once served on Police Force until he was injured in the right leg
  • Crevis Creighton-Young man who works at Coral Bay Condos with Ray Quinn and shares a passion for martial arts. he does great voice impersonations and hopes to become a cop someday
  • Oscar Yancey– Ray quinn’s former boss at OPD-Orlando Police Department. Described as being huge at 6’3, smart and tenacious.
  • Katie Pham-work for OPD, but has a very exotic past.
  • Pam Winters– “Schoolmarm” as Ray calls her. comes to him about her brother’s case. Her brother, being apastor and suspected of murder-suicide.
  • Mario-works for Outreach Orlando Ministries- ex felon, but a cry baby(according to Ray Quinn, of course), he handles the church’s finances.

*There were plenty more people involved but for now, these are key players in my opinion, and I hope to see Ray and the crew back at it in part two.


To get a free copy, please send a comment to this post and I will draw a name and send the book off to you. You won’t regret it.
Here’s a link to purchase: Random House-Night Watchman

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