Dieting Post #10/Long Overdue Writing/Greatest Man

First, beginning with my dieting post; I have skipped exercising for a while now. Not necessarily due to laziness, but because I am busy. This week I resumed exercising and drinking plenty ofwater. On my job, I walk a lot to different classrooms, and so this has been my excuse for missing those two days this week, plus my research prospectus that I am working on in Psychology Research Methods class takes up most of my time.

My writing has been skimp. Let me tell you why: I rarely write “comfortable pieces”. What I mean by comfortable, is I write first, and then think about conformity later, if at all. My writings aren’t really meant to be accepted by everyone, but it may tickle, inspire, or make one think. Truth comes out once the writer and reader merges their minds together, there may be differences, but I certainly write to purge.

I write anything from Christian fiction, to secular, to just writing “around the bush”, whatever comes to mind at once by the Muse, then I am off to finish it up. An anthology is in the works and I am researching for my new novel.
Please remember to check out The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived and be inspired and encouraged!



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