Fiction and Non Fiction Voices and Have you Heard an Echo?

Sometimes fiction and non- fiction collide, without me knowing it, and then I hear God saying: this is what I want you to know, my child.

This month I read two books that dealt with someone getting into an accident, and as a result, had a revelation. Whether it was power, or a testimony. First, Don Piper’s book 90 Minutes in Heaven, is a really awesome book. For a while it is upbeat, like the first five pages or so…then it goes downhill really fast when a truck collides with his car on a bridge and Don is trapped in the car and pronounced dead. The ambulance rushed over and just knew he was dead. But his friend wouldn’t believe that. His friend climbed in the car with him, and sang “What a friend we have in Jesus”, and when Don Piper began to sing too, his friend reportedly bolted from the car and told the non believing police and EMT, that his friend was alive.

Well, it does get more depressing (except for the visit to Heaven part). It got more depressing because it is a true story. Don lived to tell about his hour and a half in heaven, seeing people he knew, and the “pearly” gate, which actually wasn’t pearly, but described as pearlescent, “slathered on like icing” I think was his words. He has to wear this heavy bone correcting device called the Ilizarov, and he was in hospital for about six months or more than that. Anyhow, once I finished the book, I was left with a question: Was this his testimony? If so, why was he still suffering? Yet, I think Don will tell people his life has been changed completely in more than one way. First, he still has some ailments of his body as far as his knees not locking when they are supposed to, or even his hand and arm not acting right at times, but he shares his story with people who have lost faith in God, or need to hear it and believe.

The next book I read, was Kiss by Ted Dekker. I became a Ted Dekker fan, ever since I read Blink, a couple years ago. Then I read House by him and Frank Peretti. Kiss is a bit more of Ted and Erin Healy- the author who co wrote this book with him. One gets the feel of suspense, action, and warmth. The protagonist, Shauna McAllister, wants to forget all the bad stuff in her life. The beginning is her conversation with her Psychiatrist and brother. “I just want to forget everything.”

While driving away with her brother, she gets into a car accident and guess what? Loses six months of her memory. Unfortunately, her brother becomes brain damaged, and Shauna’s to blame. The book made her character believable: an unforgiveable father, a very nice brother, a wrecked woman who wish someone would just love her. Mind you, this is a Christian fiction novel, but I didn’t feel (what the unbelievers call, “Preached to”), and it was just a really good story. I don’t want to give much away, but Shauna emerges from the accident with a very, very unique ability. She just better hope she isn’t destroyed by it.
Or destroy others with it.
Happy Reading!
I hope all of you have rushed out to get “The Echo Within” if not, you are missing this treat of how Benson discovers his calling. Did any of you have a calling on your life? How long did it take for you to realize this was God’s plan for you? Are in that career right now? Still trying to decide? Share it with me, right here on this blog:)



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