Diet Post#7: Cohabitation

Well, I am wondering when I’ll get to that point where I can finish the entire workout video. Maybe it just takes time; one day at a time for me and then I can really feel as if I am accomplishing something. I have been drinking/guzzling plenty of water as if I’ll die without it(well, yeah), and being dedicated everyday to Samba Reggae because it is fast and fun, and you do burn lots of calories dancing with Quenia Ribiero.

So yesterday, I worked out a bit earlier than usual and did strength training with the exercise ball then called quits. Afterwards, I had a nice barbecued rin on a soft bun. I sure did. The only thing is, I will be burning all of that off today, because come weekend I am resting my achy body.


Blog Stuff on cohabitation:

I’ve written an article on, about cohabitating couples who are not married. I was one of them. And I postulated  that maybe in modern times it is helpful with more than just one person paying all the bills.It is almost impossible to find a home to rent for just five hundred bucks now, where you don’t pay a light bill as well. Besides, I see this generation about to pull together and afford homes. We can all do this if we stick together. Three people to a home, and each paying a bill. I think the issue of privacy may come up, but a big enough home and three people paying the rent/mortgage, can happen.

On a religious note, its deemed sinful to live together while not married. Maybe three people living together shouldn’t be too bad. But if a couple is about to get married in a short time, it shouldn’t matter.



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