The Term Mistress- Don’t get it Twisted

I was reading Genesis 16:4-9, and the term mistress keep popping up. Sarai wanted to have a child for Abram, so she had her maid servant, slave, Hagar to have a child for her. She asked Hagar to sleep with Abram so she can be with child.

What got me is the way the bible uses the term “mistress”. For years I’ve never liked that word. In fact, wikipedia’s definition proves why I don’t like the word. The mistress is the ‘other woman’ on the side, in modern terms. She is the woman who says, “She can take care of your man when you so called can not”(Thats a whole other blog), anyway, the bible seems to to use it in a different manner. Mistress is akin to the female version of ‘Master’. As I was delving into this I said to myself: “Hagar called Sarai mistress but Sarai certainly is not the other woman, technicaly Hagar is…So what does this mean? Normally I can read a scripture and not dig so deep, but it amazed me how the world can turn some words that were meant for good– to bad words. I use the KJV(King James Version), CSB(Christian standard Bible), and NIV(New International Version) translations when studying the Word, and all three uses the term mistress.

Where have we all gone wrong? When reading a magazine about a cheating husband, the words will say, “His Mistress”, but she has no power! How can someone use a term like that for a woman who can find her own man, but chooses to be second to the wife? I really don’t understand it. I Googled the question, just to be sure I wasn’t losing my natural mind: “What is the female version for the word Master?”

Check out WikiAnswers response.


The words we twist and mold to fit into our messed up, dark, infested and polluted worlds is totally jacked up. The mistress of the house is the WIFE. The other woman, as in days of old(or today?) is the concubine, or slut, or prostitute, whore, whatever.



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