Can We Find God?

How can someone find something that is debatable on whether or not it exists? How is it possible to find a precious stone folks have been talking about for centuries, but can only be seen in paintings of some artist’s imagination?

This is why I do sympathize with those who are agnostic or atheists. We as Christians expect people to become converted because we give a testimony of what the Lord has done for us, and thats it. We expect the doubtful to visit our church one day, and we pray it is a firey service to lead them to the Shepherd. We invite them into our homes and feed them a good meal, and expect them to understand our saying grace. But where can someone find God? Our testimonies are personal revelations of what has happened to us and we’d like to give a report on it to show how God is good. And He certainly is.

In reality, there is no GPS system, or a map to God, so I can’t point on a map and go: “Well, if you go due south 2.5 kilometers, you’ll see the temple where God is residing. He is waiting for you.” Lord knows I wish it were that simple. The bible says in Jeremiah 29:13-14, that we shall find Him when we seek Him with our hearts. In my mind, I wondered: “Okay, so what does this tell me? So I really do need that magical GPS system to find Him? Why can’t He just come to me? Why can’t He visit us, seeing as we are here tortured on earth, and seeking answers?

I believe we are looking to the wrong things. When God says “Seek Me”, He is asking us to study His word, place it on the tablets of our hearts, Proverbs 7:3, pray to Him, believe in Him. If its hard to believe, grab up another believer and you two seek God, and revere God together. I am taking my own advice of course. Lately, it has been hard just to have God’s attention on many things, but let His Word be our natural GPS system. Beginning to trust is always the hard part.



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