Sensuality Meets Religion in Short Story

I wrote a short story earlier this year entitled, “La Llegada”(Spanish for the “arrival”). I had story in my mind before actually coming up with a title. (Why Spanish? Who knows, so that it may sound profound? There are no Characters of Hispanic descent in it). Anyway, the story just kind of took over-as most my stories do, and the characters are so complex, in my opinion, when I intended them to be simple. The woman in the story is trying to “sell Jesus” Sorry to put it that way, but she has mess with her, and Bryan, well, he doesn’t buy it, but he buys her, not knowing she isn’t really as angelic as he think she is.

How does the religion philosophies play into a sensual story? My story has small sensual scenes, but nothing overly done. I am no Christian Philosopher, so the characters’ conversation only touches base on it, I wanted to just showcase who they were a little bit and move on with the story. The piece is not meant to be wholly “preachy” at all. It happens to be a story about someone who instead of selling makeup, or drugs decides to try and win over some souls, but that is a small part of the story. Every character in most short stories and books are different, why can’t one be selling Jesus? To me, it was a different arena. But anyway, I will post the link so you can review it yourselves.

Thanks a bunch,

“La Llegada”


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